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What is an opportunity with the innpactia seal?

We articulate all the actors, services and processes of the path to financing so that it happens 100% within our platform.

What can you expect when you provide services in the opportunities seal innpactia?

Collective and personalized training

Group or individual instances of learning.

Project evaluation

Hourly service to help pre-selection and selection of candidates and projects.

Technical assistance and/or Consulting

Spaces for specialized consultancies according to your expertise.

Tracking and monitoring

Accompaniment for hours in the implementation of projects already selected.

The innpacia seal opportunities are vehicles created by financiers and investors to select and execute projects on our platform; during the process you can follow the projectsby the funder.

to those projects,the funder may assign them available services, offered by advisors.

The services that you can offer are:

What services can you offer as an advisor?


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service requests

The requests of the financiers towards a portfolio of projects are usually massive and have specific times, to ensure your availability you will be asked to accept or reject each service that you are requested.

Organize sessions on the platform

give in service session is recorded on the platform, so that all those interested have the correct notification and can attend the meetings.

Service reports

After each service you must report how it has developed, being able to add documentation or supporting material. Reaching that report to the financier - buyer.

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