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investments with purpose

Agile design, configuration and deployment of competitive impact investment vehicles, organized in a select market, offering investors excellent opportunities to advance their purpose and mandate.

What Makes Us Special

Explore all the features innpactia has built in the solution for investors, wealth managers, and General partners of investment funds and vehicles. 

Discover use case examples 

Not all investments are the same, but all investors should have the best impact and financial returns, in an experience that respond to the new mainstream

Sustainable investments: Discover a new era of investing with competitive financial returns and a positive impact.

We believe in reshaping the financial landscape. Our commitment to responsible, impact-driven, and alternative investments goes hand-in-hand with our dedication to fostering a market built on trust and transparency

At Innpactia, we want you to be part of pioneers in transforming the trajectory of global markets. Embrace the power of impact investing a profound shift towards a purpose-driven world. This financial revolution is not just about returns; it's about redefining success, where profit aligns with positive change.

1% in LATAM

Only 1% of Assets under management are allocated in Latinamerica. There is a huge potential grow for financial and impact returns in emerging markets

80% of investors

According to reports, 80% consider impact investments a good long-term business. Morgan Stanley & A. Hurst`s The purpose Economy

$446Bn USD

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, 5x growth in the next 4 years in this type of investment. Emerging markets impact private markets worth $95Bn according to Tameo reports.

57% of investors

plan to invest in impact only in the short term. This represented almost 3x growth from 2018 to 2021. Morgan Stanley & A. Hurst`s The purpose Economy

Engage with a digital and in-person efficient experience

Feel the empowering experience of a omnichannel experience and get involve in your investments, reports and assistance in every step of the journey. Not just about sustainable investments, its about a different and better way to invest.


Digital access to fund details

Compliance and legal agreement

Impact metrics direct on app

Personalized updates
and reporting

We design and launch new impact vehicles driven by demand and data

With efficiency and transparency we mitigate deficiencies in transactions to ensure that all funds are correctly placed. At innpactia we create efficient vehicles,

Assets are managed through our platform with transparency and efficiency

​Through inclusive finance, we manage to reduce costs and maximize profitability, saving between 5 and 25% in transaction costs.

​We help fulfill mandates, inclusive finance, allows for a greater positive impact on the world

We minimize the risk generated by mismatches between the size of investors and market demand. Preventing losses and optimizing the operation.

​The innpactia digital ecosystem is composed of:

  • ​A community of qualified investors

  • For Donors:  Grant Making

  • A network of impact companies

About us

We believe that funding and support dedicated to creating greater impact, defending human rights and fighting climate change can go further when multiple actors can join forces.


innpactia has partnered with various parties since 2016 to bring such resources to those initiatives that will change the lives of thousands through innovative ways that empower actors and increase their delivery potential.


We have done this by using technology and user experience to improve the ways we can impact and support such changemakers: Understanding how to better reach those not typically found by donors and development agencies. Increasing the support that women leaders require to have a voice. Innovating in processes that facilitate coordination between various donors and creating new paradigms as to how financing and impact can mean the same thing.

Use cases

Are our solutions the right path for your investment needs?

We know there are different types of investment ventures. We provide a solution created to fit investors' needs according to their objectives. Explore some use cases that may give you an idea of how to use innpactia to start or improve your sustainable focus. 

Impact philanthropist

Looking to make philanthropy sustainable and to cooperate, we help your family office, international cooperation fund, or impact investments to reach out and make joint efforts with a easy, secure, and plug-and-play digital ecosystem. Make the most of your programs budget

Sustainable driven portfolios

Investors are looking for purpose and as wealth managers, we struggle to find a reliable platform to a soft landing into good metrics in both financial and sustainability. Find here how to connect with best portfolio and one-click services without admin burden. 

Micro funds for emerging markets

Can't deploy a big fund in emerging markets ? Don't lose the chance to make a huge impact by using our pre-set platform that make it easy to navigate in financial, impact, portfolio acceleration and even  localization of impact and financial thesis .

they trust us

They have trusted in us

Search for offers

Structured data of users, products, services and funds. Bots and algorithms that support matching and recommendation processes.

Payment approval and asset management

Traceability and security in the management of purchases, payments and disbursements.

Recommendation and hiring of advisors.

Curation by specialists, matologies and supply-to-need matchmaking with bots and algorithms.

Search for co-investors

Leveraging funds (including blended financing) and co-investment under clear financial and legal structures.

Investment tracking

Reporting, monitoring, communication and management module on the innpactia investor platform.

We design support structures tailored to investors and donors

Background structure or collective vehicle

We accompany you in the structuring process

  • Investment trend map to define investment thesis and impact and investment policy.

  • Innpactia data analytics model to identify investors or co-financiers.

  • Financial model or structure

  • Definition of vehicle governance.

  • Legal and contractual structure.

  • Deck construction.

  • Practical methodology for anchoring.

Do you want to structure a collective or blended fund or vehicle?

Manage your individual or collective fund or vehicle

Manage your vehicle or fund in one place

  • Sourcing of impact proposals.

  • Evaluate the pipeline of impact proposals and select a unique portfolio.

  • Provides technical assistance.

  • Customized impact and profitability metrics.

  • Data center and portfolio data room.

  • Schedule of activities and notifications in real time.

  • Fund administration fiduciary.

Are you looking to optimize the operation and administration of funds?

Invest in a triple

impact fund

Profitability and impact in a single investment

  • Fund collective vehicles aligned with your interests.

  • Contracts and legal structure.

  • Trustee managing funds.

  • Periodic online portfolio monitoring report.

  • Periodic online profitability report.

  • Periodic online impact report.

Do you want to invest in an already structured collective or blended vehicle?


Let's talk about your investment needs

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