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Platform Innpactia 

Users of the Platform, regardless of their User category, agree to comply with each and every provision of this Code of Conduct when using the Platform and other communication channels of INNPACTIA, whether individually or in interactions with other Users.

Non-compliance with this Code of Conduct may lead INNPACTIA to remove the content posted by the User on the Platform and even to the cancellation of their account, without refund (in case of accessing a subscription with cost).

  1. Publication of Content by the User

1.1. The publication of defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, or illegal material or comments is strictly prohibited in accordance with applicable law.

1.2. Discriminatory publication of material or comments based on sex, sexual orientation, age, political orientation or affiliation, race, socioeconomic level, religious creed, physical or mental ability, among others, is strictly prohibited.

1.3. Republishing or publishing information that has not been verified for its accuracy or whose veracity has been previously disproven by other Users or by INNPACTIA is strictly prohibited.

1.4. Offering products and/or services that do not correspond to the nature and objectives pursued by the Platform, including but not limited to, offering goods for sale by catalog, offering credits, multilevel plans, etc., is strictly prohibited.

1.5. Posting hateful comments or content that incite hatred for any reason is strictly prohibited.

1.6. The User undertakes to publish truthful content about themselves, impact initiatives, and any other required or chosen content on the Platform, which includes the obligation to refrain from partially omitting the truth.

1.7. The User may only use intellectual property rights, personal data, personal image, and other rights of their ownership or of third parties if and only if they have the respective authorization from the owner.

1.8. The User may not use content published by other Users or actors of the Platform for use outside of it.

1.9. The User may not use the content of other Users or actors of the Platform to pass it off as their own.

1.10. The User may not publish their access password to the Platform.

   2. Interaction of the User with other Users within the Platform or any other communication channel of INNPACTIA.

In their interaction with other Users, the User:

2.1. Must treat other Users and all individuals and/or organizations interacting on the Platform with respect.

2.2. May only offer their services within the functionalities of the Platform specifically designated for this type of offering.

2.3. May only file complaints, claims, suggestions, or respectful comments regarding the Platform or the services that can be accessed through it through channels specifically designated for these purposes.

2.4. May not deceive other Users about their personal or professional qualities, impact initiatives under their charge, and other relevant content they publish on the Platform by making false statements or omitting the truth.

2.5. May not seek or request preferential treatment for themselves or third parties for any reason and, in general, pretend or promote unequal treatment within the Platform.

2.6. May not criticize financiers, investors, institutions, or organizations that interact on the Platform based on their activities and/or practices.

INNPACTIA will enable channels for Users to report violations of the Code of Conduct and will conduct verifications as appropriate to implement the corresponding measures for the reported offense, at its sole discretion, in which case INNPACTIA will inform the User of the measure taken through a reasoned decision. In case of recidivism, INNPACTIA reserves the right to cancel the User's subscription.

Code of Conduct for Users

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