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Funds and strengthening for your projects or venture

Free access to the platform that allows you to grow and enhance your projects or ventures with social impact

A platform built for real impact

Find opportunities and calls

The opportunities and calls search engine will show you the possible opportunities to apply for your project or venture. You can filter your search by keyword, theme, amount, population, etc.

Create your projects

Our intelligent tool will help you create complete and robust projects, ready for a first approach with a donor or funder. 

Receive training

Within innpactia you can improve and strengthen your business or organization. There are free webinars every week and exclusive training depending on your plan.

Get guidance and advice

In the services marketplace you will find advice, mentoring, training and routes for provided by advisors and experts to help you strengthen your projects.

Benefits of joining innpactia

Why join innpactia? These are some of the benefits of delving into the impact system.

Connect with the impact ecosystem

At innpactia you can connect with advisors and experts willing to help you, or with donors and financiers looking for projects to invest in.

Services and recommended calls

According to your profile and preferences, we will recommend calls and services tailored to your needs.

Receive relevant information constantly

Thanks to our alert and notification system you will be able to receive the calls that interest you in your email. 


Join the platform that does create an impact for free

Apply directly on the platform

The innpactia seal opportunities will allow you to apply your projects and have them selected, in a process carried out entirely through the innpactia platform.


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