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What is an opportunity with the innpactia seal?

Your organization or venture may apply for funds and strengthening directly at innpactia.

What can you expect from the processes in the innpactia seal opportunities?

1. Apply at innpactia

You do not need to leave innpactia to apply. With your complete profile and your robust projects, apply quickly and easily at innpactia.

2. Use your projects 

You can apply to the opportunities with the projects created at innpactia. Use them and edit them as many times as you need to maximize your possibilities.

3. Unify processes

The entire project selection and implementation process is mediated by the platform that guides you intuitively.

4. Get feedback

You will get feedback after the processes so that your project is always strengthened.

Changing the rules of the game

At innpactia we know that access to funds is complex, which is why we created a platform where you can meet investors and donors, applying directamente  through the projects you have created on innpactia.


Join the platform that does create an impact for free

Implementation stage

If your project has been selected you will be notified and the implementation stage will begin. Depending on the characteristics of the opportunity, at this stage you can count on the services of:FOLLOW-UP WITH ADVISORS, TECHNICAL ADVICE,  REPORT OF INDICATORS AND DISBURSEMENT AGENDA. These services promote comprehensive support to maximize the impact of projects.

selection stage

After applying the innpactia seal to the opportunities, the selection stage will begin. There you may have  processes of

COLLECTIVE OR INDIVIDUAL TRAINING and/or PROJECT EVALUATION STAGES. The objective of these services is to improve your chances of being chosen, actively participates to achieve success.

Do you need to improve your benefits?

If you require de access to opportunities with higher financing amounts, more accompaniment or specific strengthening for your organization, you can contract the plans PRO or ESSENTIAL by innpactia.

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