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We transform

financing for development

We are a transactional platform, we connect high-impact projects with funds and training in an agile and efficient way.

they trust us

Institutions and allies

We reinvented the financing structure for social impact

What we got?

  • Innovation in collective investment or co-financing, with fewer risks.

  • Reduce the costs of the impact ecosystem in Latin America

  • Make the impact more transparent and clear.

  • Strengthen social projects and impact businesses or businesses.

  • Democratize access to information

Funders can access:
  • Investment and co-investment opportunities.

  • Monitoring the impact of the investment.

  • Experts to support the processes.

and social organizations can:
  • Find opportunities to access capital.

  • Receive training and technical assistance.

  • Connect with allies and experts.

  • Report your performance and impact.

Advisors and experts:
  • Offer your services, strengthening and training impact projects and entrepreneurs.

  • Provide monitoring and consultancy, helping to mitigate investment risk

Impact numbers

Users with registered impact initiatives


Network Experts


Investment programs and vehicles



Innpactia is a tool that breaks information asymmetries to broaden the impact of the social.

Johanna Garzon,
Guaicaramo Foundation, Colombia

We think of innpactia as an institution that supports the management of local initiatives that are in the process of innovation and transformation.

Nicholas Pichazaca,

Mushuk Yuyay Association, Ecuador

For Gran Cine from now on [Innpactia] will be in a mandatory consultation space to ensure that our project has financing allies.

Great Cinema Circuit Civil Association

Venezuela, Bernardo Rotundo


innpactia experiences

We left with a backpack full of tools, a suitcase full of possibilities, and a more important vision that was broader than what we had and for that we thank you for the opportunity.

Prepare Family

Venezuela, Katherine Martinez 

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