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What investment possibilities exist in innpactia?

In the investment proposal to strengthen and finance projects within innpactia, financing can be granted with resources from an individual donor or leveraged jointly, joining forces with other donors or funders.


Publish your vehicle or opportunity for free in innpactia to reach hundreds of projects


Advantages and features

Collective vehicles

Individual vehicles

Inclusive vehicle for proposals/projects, reaching anywhere in Latin America.

Strengthening ​​of capacities​, ​hand in hand with financing

Leverage of investment leader resources and co-financiers.

Innovation in co-investment vehicles

Simplification of financing access processes

Transparency and traceability in the project selection and resource allocation processes.

Lower transaction costs thanks to Innpactia´s technology, the economy of scale and the allocation of resources to strengthen projects.

Maximizing the impact of the ventures or social organizations that are supported.

Reduced time spent enlisting and launching the opportunity.

Sources and capital of different actors.

collective vehicles

Instrument for co-financing and leveraging resources between different actors in the philanthropic, private or public sector; for the allocation of resources, strengthening and implementation of projects that seeks to maximize the impact.

individual vehicles

Financing instrument to expedite the allocation of economic resources, reduce operating costs, strengthen and implement high-impact projects.

The solution to the entire financing process

Innpactia creates a unique and agile framework that combines the articulation of the three key actors and complements the technological characteristics of the platform in a strategic route that offers a solution to the entire process of financing projects with a social impact, thus ensuring that the financing reaches its maximum potential.

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