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We innovate the investment and financing process of the impact ecosystem

First integral system, flexible and modular, adaptable to the needs of the process of achieving, selecting and implementing social or investment projects in your organization.

Summons applicants

Call projects aligned with your investment or impact thesis. More than 50,000 organizations await you at innpactia.

Project bank

Center for high-impact projects from all over Latin America so that you can integrate them into your investment portfolio.


Strengthen the initiatives in the hands of experts to maximize impact.

Selection of projects

Select your portfolio in an agile way with the support of technology and advisors.


You will obtain traceability and transparency in the measurement and management of the impact of the portfolio.

Possibilities of the platform for investment and development vehicles

Publish your vehicle or opportunity for free in innpactia to reach hundreds of projects

Individual Vehicles

Financing instrument created by a single investor independently to expedite the allocation of economic resources, reduce operating costs, strengthen and implement high-impact projects

Collective vehicles

Instrument for co-financing and leveraging resources between different actors in the philanthropic, private or public sector; for the allocation of resources, strengthening and implementation of projects that seeks to maximize the impact.

Change, transformation and modernization


Reduce the operating costs of your financing vehicles using technology with fees of less than 10%.

Schedule a meeting with the team to learn about the product and the proposal in depth

  • Create investment vehicles and leverage funds from other sources.

  • Invest in strengthen projects of entrepreneurs and impact organizations.

  • Get reviews carried out by experts to select the projects best aligned with your investment thesis.

  • Manage disbursements of economic resources towards the selected projects.

  • Get offers from technical assistance of more than 400 expert consultants to reduce project risk.

  • Accompany the implementation of projects with training and follow-up sessions made by experts.

  • Collect data to monitor and report progress with indicators of management, impact or result.

What does the innpactia product offer for investors and donors?

Reduce operating costs, streamline selection and implementation and monitor the impact through dynamic, flexible processes that can be adapted to your needs

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