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The solution for a solid and agile impact investment

Find projects aligned with your investment thesis and access a 100% efficient management.

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Why is a different solution?

Reduction of inefficiencies

We know that in traditional investment the vehicles and mechanisms that direct funds to social projects generate inefficiencies equivalent to at least US$5.4 billion each year in LatAm (HRB, Innpactia). At innpactia we create efficient vehicles,

Benefits of innpactia

Traceability and transparency

Through the platform, the project selection process y the allocation of resources is transparent and traceable, counting on constant stadiums of reports and progress of constant results.

Benefits of innpactia

Equal opportunities

In traditional investment competition for access to resources is unfair and unequal for Latin American CSOs. Innpactia is a platform where all social organizations and entrepreneurs have the same opportunities.

Benefits of innpactia

Innpactia agile framework

Innpactia creates a unique and agile framework that combines the articulation of the three key actors and complements the technological characteristics of the platform in a strategic route that offers a solution to the entire process of financing projects with a social impact, thus ensuring that thefinancing reaches its maximum potential

Digital platform

Self-managing, intuitive and flexible platformaccording to the needs of each financier, which operates as control and management center of impact projects.

On the platform you will be able to work with more than 4,000 users from social organizations or businesses, advisors and experts

Vehicles of

Collective co-financing

The articulation between organizations with different experiences allows the creation of real opportunities to develop new skills. We connect investors and donors who share the same investment thesis to multiply the impact and reach of the projects

The keys to a transformative proposal


Publish your vehicle or opportunity for free in innpactia to reach hundreds of projects

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