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Discover a new way to manage investment opportunities

Combined and articulated with technological innovation, Innpactia transforms the way in which financing impacts development initiatives and reduces costs to do good in the world.


Publish your vehicle or opportunity for free in innpactia to reach hundreds of projects

During 2021 Innpactia implemented its unique and agile framework that combines the articulation of the three key actors and complements the technological characteristics of the platform in a strategic route that offers a solution to the entire process of financing social impact projects, thus ensuring that the financing reaches its maximum potential.

The route includes the building an investment vehicle together with institutional and philanthropic donors, the strengthening of thousands of social impact projects seeking funding with the support of experts and advisors, the allocation of funds through fintech tools that reduce transaction costs, and the evaluation and monitoring of selected projects.

Some steps in depth

Enlistment- identification of co-financiers

In the enlistment phase, Innpactia supports a Lead Investor in defining the social or environmental impact they want to achieve and a pitch deck is prepared. Based on this definition, networking and the Innpactia data-analytics model are used to identify potential co-funders who are invited to participate in the vehicle.

Design of the investment instrument

Definition together with co-financiers of the program on the selection criteria, training curriculum, work schedule, financial contributions to selected projects and tracking conditions to implementation.

investment rounds

Projects are pre-selected to present to the co-financiers who, through a ranking with results of the technical evaluation provided by Innpactia advisors, may allocate resources to the projects they consider most appropriate.

How do we make it possible?

The technology of the innpactia  platform allows each investor and donor to operate in an intuitive and flexible way according to your needs, providing a control and management center of impact projects.

On the platform you can work with more than 4,000 users from social organizations or businesses, advisors and experts.

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