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Your collaboration moves Colombia

Foundations, donors, investors and philanthropy actors: have the opportunity to join a Collective Vehicle to contribute to Food Security in Colombia, they can join in 2022 and place resources from 2023.

 Characteristics of the collective investment vehicle

We are looking for co-financiers to consolidate this investment vehicle —which will operate on the Innpactia platform technology— and will invest at least COP 2,073MM in the selected projects and another COP 573MM in direct strengthening of the organizations that implement the financed projects, to enhance their implementation capabilities and increase impact.

Benefits of participating in a collective vehicle

Opportunity to leverage resources with other actors to achieve impact and innovation goals through collaborative work.

Possibility of having traceability and transparency in the resources that are placed in the projects.

Vehicle that emphasizes the scalability and sustainability of projects.

The way to do it is by doing it together through collaborative work.

Priority lines to finance

  • initiatives for the local food production in rural regions with community participation

  • innovative initiatives that link generate socio-productive participation de women in activities for the food safety

  • Food and nutrition of childhood

  • initiatives that favor productive chains for the access tonutrition in rural regions

  • initiatives for combat waste food

  • initiatives to promote better food practices

Expected results

  • 300 organizations applicants with strengthened capacities from the first moment of their application.

  • 30 pre-selected and strengthened projects with personalized advice.

  • 10 projects selected and financed.

  • possibility ofallocate up to COP $150M to projects more far-reaching.

  • possibility offinance projects and ventures up to18 months.

  • 900 consulting hours provided to implementers of financed projects.

  • contribution to achievement of the SDG 2, SDG 8 and SDG 10 in Colombia

  • 100% of the available resources awarded

  • 50% reduction in award times

  • Sources and capitals of different merged actors.

  • Efficiencies and impact in the increased sector.

Schedule a meeting with Innpactia + Colombia takes care of Colombia to participate of the program

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